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Policy name. (This is the only required field.)
Virus Lover?
Spam Lover?
Banned Files Lover?
Bad Header Lover?
Bypass Virus Checks?
Bypass Spam Checks?
Bypass Banned File Checks?
Bypass Banned Header Checks?
Spam Modifies Subject?
Warn Virus Recipient?
Warn Banned File Recipient?
Warn Bad Header Recipient?

These should be floating point if not left blank.
Warning: setting incorrect values will cause mail to be dropped!
Insert header tags starting at what level?
Mark as spam starting at what level?
Spam quarantine only cutoff?
Do not send notifications after this level.
No longer quarantine after this level.

Leave everything else to the default values (blank) or change ONLY if you know what you are doing!
Quarantine Virus To?
Quarantine Spam To?
Quarantine Banned Files To?
Quarantine Bad Headers To?
Quarantine Clean Messages To?
Quarantine All Other Messages To?
Address extension for virus messages.
Address extension for spam messages.
Address extension for banned file messages.
Address extension for bad header messages.
New virus admin email to?
Other virus admin email to?
Banned file admin email to?
Bad header admin email to?
Spam admin email to?
Set Spam message subject to include:
Set Spam message subject second level to include:
Maximum Message Size to Scan (in bytes).
Comma seperated list of bad rule names.
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